The Waterfire saga: Deep Blue

This is a ParsleyPick from Kate

Author of book: Jennifer Donnelly
Genre: Fantasy

Here is what happened in the book: One day Serafina (she is a mermaid) wakes up from a strange dream on the day she has her ceremony to determine if she is the real queen. But after she finished her song spell her kingdom is attacked so she must flee with her friend Neela and find 4 other mermaids so she can save her kingdom and protect the mer world from another even greater danger. What is this danger? You will have to read the book to find out. My favorite part of the book is when 5/6 mer do a blood bind. I recommend this book for 4th through 6th or 7th grade. There are 3 other books in this series though the 4th book is not out yet.

My rating: ***** I loved it!

I think this book would be a good fit for someone in 3rd Grade through 5th grade